We haven't heard a whole lot from Webbie in recent times in terms of music. However, he's still managed to make a few headlines. Last year, the rapper was arrested over an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend that escalated. The injuries his then girlfriend sustained were enough to have her brought to the hospital. He was charged with 2nd degree battery, false imprisonment and domestic abuse by strangulation, all of which were felonies. Luckily for him, he won't have to face any jail time for the charges.

According to TMZ, Webbie just copped a sweet plea deal in his ex-girlfriend's domestic abuse case and won't be facing any time behind bars. The East Baton Rouge court clerk said that Webbie plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. The rapper was sentenced to only one year of probation. Within that time, the rapper will have to keep a clean slate, complete 20 hours of community service and also attend anger management classes. Additionally, the judge ordered him to pay $5K in restitution to his ex-girlfriend as well as $500 in court fees.

Webbie definitely got off pretty easily considering the severity of the crimes he was charged with. Each charge was a felony so if he was convicted for them, he would've faced serious jail time. All he has to do now is keep himself out of trouble for the next year.