Boosie Badazz and Webbie were once a driving force in rap, collaborating often and becoming two voices of their cities. Somewhere along the way, they had a falling out and, recently, things are not looking pretty between them.

Just the other day, Boosie and Webbie seemingly had a fight on social media, with Boosie telling fans to not ask him any more questions about the rapper. He claims that he's cool with Webbie, but things definitely aren't as they used to be.

Webbie's manager actually chimed in on the current dynamic of their relationship, echoing that sentiment but pointing out where things started to go wrong.

"Webbie don’t really give a fuck. N***as get in their feelings and take shit out of proportion. Boosie and Webbie, they gon’ always be. It’s like peanut butter and jelly," he said to The Shade Room. "Boosie went to jail, and Webbie was out here workin’. Webbie’s loyalty will always be Trill Entertainment. That’s what Webbie was talkin’ about. He’s a big person on loyalty. That’s all I know, and the legacy is what he’s talking about. It ain’t about no money. He’s been making money for years. It’s about the legacy."

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Webbie did not go to visit Boosie Badazz while he was in jail, and that appears to be the root of their current issue. Webbie's manager, Derrick, also confirmed that the two are not on speaking terms.

"Certain people got people on block from the text messages to the internet," he said. "So, Webbie just gon’ say what he wanna say. So, he said what he said."

Despite their current trouble, Webbie's manager said it's possible that they team up for the rapper's upcoming album. So, clearly things aren't as deep as initially believed.