On Tuesday, a Southwest Airlines plane's engine malfunctioned causing the aircraft to make an emergency landing en route to New York. Unfortunately, a female passenger died in relation to the accident, and she's been identified as Jennifer Riordan of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Riordan was a vice president of community relations at Wells Fargo Bank, and leaves behind two children and a husband.

Pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after the airplane's engine exploded, causing a piece of shrapnel to crash through a passenger window and strike Riordan in the head; she eventually died from her injuries sustained from the accident. 

Paula Maes, a close friend of Riordan's, has gone on record to note how she was a "wonderful mother," as well as an active member in her community. 

Tim Keller, the mayor of Albuquerque, has released a statement acknowledging this tragedy, voicing the collective grief experienced throughout his municipality. "Today, Albuquerque lost a thoughtful leader who has long been part of the fabric of our community," mayor Tim Keller said Tuesday. "We are asking that everyone respects the privacy of the family at this time. This is a tremendous and tragic loss for Jennifer's family and many others throughout our city."

Keller continues to note how her "leadership and philanthropic efforts made this a better place every day and she will be terribly missed. We are holding Jennifer and her family in our thoughts and prayers."