We previously reported that Wendy Williams would not consider naming a guest host during her absence from her talk show. Wendy has been hosting one of the most successful talk shows, The Wendy Williams Show, for nearly a decade. Her name is literally in the show's title. She shut down a photographer who had asked her if, due to her diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and Graves' Disease, she would look at the possibility of a guest host during her three weeks off. Wendy comically sassed out the photog, rolling up the car window while refusing that somebody sits in her chair.

It looks like the tide has turned, with Wendy now naming temporary host Jerry O'Connell to assume her duties while she's gone. It was reported that the show would be airing re-runs during her 3-week hiatus, but Wendy has decided to go an alternate route. TMZ broke the news that O'Connell, who has acted in countless films and television programs, will be taking the part-time gig in anticipation of Wendy's return on March 19.

Wendy and Jerry have very opposite personalities, and it will be interesting to see how he adapts to Wendy's usual audience. Williams has said that it is her pleasure to have him host the show while she's away, claiming that he has been a great friend to her over the years. Read more here.