Just one day after Karlie Redd threatened to expose her, Wendy Williams is stirring the pot with Da Brat. The famed talk show host knows how to create a bit of drama with her revelations, and earlier today, Williams did just that when she was visited by Da Brat. The So So Def music icon sat down for a virtual interview with Williams and during their chat, Wendy claimed there was a time when Da Brat made a pass at her.

Wendy asked Brat if she heard what she said during her "Hot Topics" segment. "I heard you saying something bizarre," the rapper said. "Tell me what you said, girl."

"Well, you got a strong pick-up game," Williams answered. "Unless that's the way you always speak to attractive women." Da Brat asked the host if she thought the rapper was trying to pick her up at some point in time. "Yup!" Wendy stated. Brat wanted to know when this interaction went down and Wendy said she "has the receipts" in her phone.

"The last time we talked and I text you, it was after I saw your documentary, and I felt like you ain't got no real friends and I wanted to be your friend so I called to check on you," said Brat. Wendy called foul, telling the rapper that she did more than that. Da Brat told her to "check her phone because" she "has the same receipts."

"Don't do that girl," said Brat. "I love you but I've never been attracted to you, girl." Wendy couldn't let it go and asked Brat if she would like Williams if the talk show host were gay. "Nope," Brat answered quickly.

Check out the awkward segment below, along with a reaction from Da Brat's fiancée, Jesseca Dupart.