Wendy Williams has been up to a lot lately. Having only returned to her self-titled talk show a few weeks ago since being on sick leave, the 54-year-old host recently announced that she's living in a sober house to beat her addiction. Furthermore, sources say that her drug relapse was sparked by more issues with her husband and his alleged mistress - we'd take that info with a grain of salt, though. 

Wendy is once again being called out for a seemingly honest mistake she made during a recent Hot Topics segment of her show when she mistook Kylie Minogue for Kylie Jenner. Wendy was discussing the Glastonbury Festival line-up that's located in Pilton, Somerset (which she said was in London) and while reading that one of the headliners was Kylie, Wendy just assumed it was a Jenner. 

"Everyone's gonna be there, from The Killers to Kylie Jenner!" she exclaimed to her audience, via Daily Mail. "No she doesn't sing, but you guys follow her, so she's going to be there doing what she does."

For those who don't know, Kylie Minogue is an Australian pop singer who's had some recognizable success, selling more than 80 million records worldwide. 

We can't say for sure whether Wendy averted her crisis of a mistake, but people on Twitter have something to say. Peep the reactions below.