Yesterday, it was revealed that after months of speculation, Wendy Williamsofficially filed for divorce from her longtime husband Kevin Hunter. The two had been experiencing some major issues within their household, which all started after the talk show host found out that Hunter had gotten his mistress of ten years pregnant. The baby girl has since been born and Wendy checked herself into a sober living facility after relapsing on alcohol. At first, Hunter reportedly told his mistress that he had no intention of ever leaving Wendy because he funds their lifestyle but now, he'll have no choice but to pay for his own bills. According to Daily Mail, Hunter recently purchased his mistress a gold Ferrari, expensive jewelry and designer purses, which led Williams to file for divorce.

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Enough was finally enough for the famous talk show host when she decided to call it quits with her husband of over twenty years. She served him the divorce papers at work yesterday and media outlets around the world were quick to report on the news. While Wendy has been struggling with addiction, Hunter and his mistress Sharina Hudson have reportedly been living the good life, using Wendy's money to do so. Among the lavish gifts that Hunter has purchased for Hudson are a gold Ferrari, a $5,200 Chanel bag, and snazzy diamonds around her neck. Hunter seemingly also bought himself a new maroon Rolls-Royce, which he's been seen driving around in. 

This morning, 50 Cent had some fun at Wendy's expense, going after her appearance yet again and finding a terrible photo of the star to post on his Instagram. Wendy has reportedly been looking for a new place in Manhattan.

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