Wendy Williams literally pulled out her teaching rod to properly depict the drama between Future and his baby mothers. As we know, Future is expecting his fifth child with his fifth baby mother Joie Chavis but the drama is that he was with his former ex, Brittini, earlier in the year. Brittini's got his five-year-old son, and after Future posted up with Joie this past weekend she made a passive aggressive post, clearly displeased. 

Wendy reminds her audience that Joie has another child with Bow Wow. "I don't understand, it's like they're the only five people in Hollywood and they all mess around with each other and they all have each other's babies," Wendy said. 

At the end of the clip, after revealing one of Future's latest Instagram posts calling someone "thirsty," Wendy fired back letting Future know he's really talking about himself. "No, you're thirsty Future, like where are your condoms?"

Watch below at the 20:40 mark.