The Queen of the Tea, Wendy Williams, may have had some that was too strong for her liking yesterday, collapsing on the set of her daytime show in the middle of a live TV broadcast. Dressed in an elaborate Statue of Liberty costume, the opinionated small screen host stopped mid-sentence, looked into the camera and appeared to lose her bearings. Shortly thereafter, she hit the deck, with shocked response from the audience audible in the background as crew members rushed to her side. You can see a video clip of the incident below.

As per The New York Post, Williams was back on the set of her show today and in good spirits following what must have been a nightmarishly surreal experience. She shared what led her to that moment with her audience and was eventually brought to tears recalling what had happened. "It was really scary," Williams said, before proceeding to cry Apparently, the scene was chaotic after she passed out, with paramedics administering tests to assure that everything was alright with her. She's supposedly fine physically, although she was lacking electrolytes and was also dehydrated at the time of the incident. Of course, Williams managed to put a slyly positive spin on the whole thing."First of all, I was trending all day," she said with a grin. "Fabulous."

Much to the dismay of the haters, Williams told her viewers that what happened was not a Halloween prank and that she did in fact pass out. "I'm a champ and I'm back," she added later. One such hater was 50 Cent, a man who is no stranger to throwing some shade at the TV host. After calling her an "ugly motherf**ker," Fif shared a video clip of the collapse on his Instagram page and proceeded to call what Williams did "bad acting." 50 later stated that "she said she over heated in her costume," but by his sarcastic tone of voice, he wasn't believing a word of it.

In any event, it's good to know that Williams is back on her show and physically capable of entertaining her fan base with her hot takes.