Wendy Williams kicked off the eleventh season of her self-titled talk show on quite a trending note since she grilled Nicole Murphy for her Antoine Fuqua kiss and went after Iggy Azealia and her body all leading Sharone Osbourne to clap back, calling Wendy a "mean" and "dark" person. According to The Daily Mail, the latter has left Wendy in a tough spot since she's reportedly unable to book guests due to her mean girl ways. 

According to the publication, Wendy took a shot at Jerry O'Connell (who was once a guest on her show) sending her condolences for his failed TV show. Wendy's production team had to remind her that his show was still being shopped and hadn't failed yet at all. 

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

"Once Wendy got her green light to return for two more seasons, she didn't have to play nice any longer and pretend she was onboard with Jerry's show being her sibling show," a source explained. "She always believed her executives were trying to groom Jerry to replace her and that pretend mix-up she did on air was her Wendy way of sabotaging Jerry."

Apparently the future of Wendy's talk show was on the line since the drama in her personal life was spilling into her work life. "The truth is, Wendy was very nervous that the network was going to cancel her because of how messy her real life had become," the source added. Let's hope Wendy can come back strong without feeling the need to shade people in the making.