When is Wendy Williamsnot running her mouth? The famed talk show host has been the gossip queen for over a decade, creeping into the headlines every other week because of the unsavory things she says about A-list celebrities and artists. This week, rapper Youngboy Never Broke Againaddressed the talk show host in a letter from jail

Her latest Hot Topics segment highlighted the current media coverage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's ongoing divorce, including reports that Kanye is "annoyed" that people believe Kim initiated the divorce filing. Wendy was unimpressed about Kanye's alleged sentiment, going off and rudely telling the music legend to "get back in [his] cage" during her latest show.

Lars Niki/Getty Images

"He let her file [for divorce] first to give her her dignity," said Wendy, recalling the headlines from this week's coverage of their high-profile divorce. "I don't believe a word of what he's saying. By the way, his next girl-- or, the next love in his life, he wants to be an artist. Like somebody who makes music and draws pictures and, I guess, writes books and stuff like that. Well, [Kim's] a social media influencer so I guess she's not the artist. But you pined for her! We know the story, Kanye! Get back in your cage..."

Watch what Wendy had to say below at the 5:02 mark and let us know what you think.