Wendy Williams has only been back on the air for a few hours and already, she's making headlines. The talk show host is no stranger to controversy, regularly sharing her unfiltered thoughts on her show. During her extended absence, it was reported that her husband had cheated on her with one of their neighbors, getting her pregnant in December. Wendy spoke on those rumors during her return to TV today, also discussing a few more of the hot topics in the entertainment world. While it may not be the most recent story anymore, do you really think Wendy Williams would miss out on the Jussie Smollett case?

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Much of Wendy's return to daytime television was spent addressing her shoulder injury and her months-long departure from the set. However, she did have time to discuss Jussie Smollett and a few other topics. Wendy pointed out that the Empire actor is a friend of the show, having performed in front of her audience in the past. However, when she read the headlines the first time, she knew that he was lying. "I think that Jussie is guilty," said Williams while she introduced the topic to her fans. She went on to discuss his background, noting that his parents have been very supportive of his career choices. She also said that she previously thought that Smollett had everything going right in his life... until this. 

Wendy believes that Jussie was "intensely insecure" about his role on Empire, adding that he probably wanted more "spotlight" on top of his salary negotiations. She also goes into his music, saying "he probably didn't think that his music is as good as it was." Smollett has since been edited out of the final two Empire episodes from this season.