A few moments ago, we reported on a fight that occurred between Kevin Hunter and his son, Kevin Hunter Jr. Wendy Williams' estranged husband and son were involved in a physical scuffle in a parking lot and it got so bad that the police was called. Hunter reportedly accused Williams of trying to "brainwash" their son and he's been telling Kevin to try and forge his own path in life. Things reached a boiling point and Kevin seemingly picked a side, clocking his dad and backing up his mother Wendy Williams. It is now being reported that despite Hunter's claims that he will not pursue legal action, his son has been arrested.

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According to TMZ, Kevin Hunter Jr. has been arrested for assault. People were wondering why Hunter Sr. would even bring up the topic of possibly pressing charges and now, it's all starting to make sense. 

As details continue to unfold, we will update you. Surely, Wendy will have something to say about this on her talk show. She's been vocal about her family situation, speaking about the time she spends with her son and nephew on a daily basis. She also threw some shade at Hunter Sr. and his mistress during a recent episode, saying that women who interfere in other women's relationships are the worst kind.

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