Wendy Williams is in the thick of legalities as the moment due to a recent incident which involved both her son and ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Accordingly, we previously reported on Wendy Williams' son getting arrested for punching her estranged husband. The physical scuffle occurred in a parking lot wherein it got so bad that the police was called. Williams has since been accusing Hunter of attempting to "brainwash" their son by emphasizing he should seek to be fully independent of his mother. Things quickly reached a boiling point and the authorities step in. Other reports allege that Hunter's son even called him a "b*tch." We've now got a new update from TMZ.

Based on reports by the aforementioned news outlet, Wendy Williams is planning to offer her 18-year-old son full support in court this Tuesday when he enters a plea in the assault case. It appears that the incident has somewhat significantly reduced tensions between Wendy and her former husband. We're also told that Hunter and Williams' divorce is certainly going forward, though Wendy shared with a friend: "There's still love between us, regardless of the divorce." Moreover, the television show host has affirmed she will remain mute n the courtroom as she does not want to cause a scene.