Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, was arrested this weekend after she reportedly stabbed one of Youngboy Never Broke Again's baby mothers. She was released on bond but, because of her actions, many believe she should spend some time behind bars. Talk show host Wendy Williams spoke about the arrest, suggesting that the rapper's girlfriend spend at least eight years behind bars.

Yaya Mayweather NBA Youngboy
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

"I'm not saying anybody in the world is better than the other, but when you're a Mayweather and you're nineteen, you're better than this," said Wendy Williams on the at-home version of her show, scolding the teenager. "They need to give her at least eight [years in prison.] You wanna know why? She sent a woman to the hospital for no good reason when that bed could have been used for a corona victim."

Iyanna "Yaya" Mayweather is currently facing ten years in prison for the attack. She has since appeared in video live-streams with her boyfriend Youngboy Never Broke Again as she seemingly still lives with the rising star.

Do you think Mayweather should go to prison for what she did and, if so, how long should she be sentenced to? Let us know in the comments.