Wendy's has no chill. The fast food giant has often come at competitors in the past on twitter, and today, when McDonald's let go a fail of a Black Friday tweet, Wendy's twitter fingers quickly got to work. Whoever runs the Wendy's twitter account, is apparently a fan of beef, in October we saw Wendy's and Wingstop go head-to-head in a twitter version of a rap battle.

Here's what happened with the latest culprit of Wendy's twitter account. McDonald's official twitter account, @McDonaldsCorp, sent out a tweet which was evidently supposed to contain a link to some of their Black Friday deals (yeah, apparently fast food joints also have Black Friday sales??). However, things didn't go as planned, with the tweet reading: "Black Friday **** Need copy and link****."

McDonald's noticed their mistake several hours later, and attempted to laugh at themselves with their follow-up reply tweet, "When you tweet before your first cup of McCafé… Nothing comes before coffee." Indeed-- but Wendy's had also caught wind of the failed tweet, and issued a (scathing?) response of their own: "When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine." McDonald's has left the failed tweet up too, so they're apparently not that upset about-- I mean, it is resulting in more publicity for whatever their Black Friday plans are. 

Hmm. This begs the question, which fast food restaurant actually serves better ice cream? Tell us your pick in the comments. Who takes the W here?

Check out their tweets below. This won't be the last time Wendy's attempts to stir the pot, stay tuned.

In somewhat related news: Rick Ross has announced a "Checkstop Vs. Wingstop" international tour, whatever that means. Check out the details here.