Remember when "Do it for the Gram!" was unfortunately a thing. Well, now the youth is acting dumb in the name of TikTok! Proof of this phenomenon can be found in the video of a Wendy's employee bathing in a Michigan location's kitchen sink. The young man who hopped in the tub and all the other employees involved in the incident have been fired since the TikTok went viral and caught the attention of Wendy's headquarters. 

The Greenville restaurant that experienced this health code violation has released a statement detailing its outlook on the situation: "This egregious behaviour is completely unacceptable and counter to our safety, training and operational standards. Upon learning of this situation, all employees in the video were terminated immediately and the restaurant has been completely sanitized. The health department visited the restaurant today and no violations were reported."

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a Wendy's employee has pulled off this stunt. The same thing happened back in May of 2019 and Wendy's responded to it by saying, "We are taking this opportunity to reinforce our very strict quality procedures with our restaurant team." Looks like they'll have to reinforce those guidelines once again. The fast food chain's workers must all be reminded of the adage: "Sir/Ma'am, this is a Wendy's."