Wendy’s have gone above and beyond with their newest marketing ploy. The fast-food chain unveiled Feast of Legends this week, “an immersive fantasy campaign to support its never-ending fight against frozen beef, whether it’s in the real world or the fantasy world of Beef’s Keep.”

The game’s dedicated website expands on what it boasts by saying, “Feast of Legends is what is known as a tabletop role playing game. Using the book you can create a character and choose every aspect of who they are. The players will interact with the story that one person, your Game Master, leads you through. This is a game where you become the character you create and act out the adventure. Get your friends together, and that one guy from work that always explains the intimate details of every graphic novel he reads, and dive in to the game!”

The site comes with fully fleshed out printable character sheets, a dice rolling application, and of course, the ability to order Wendy’s. This feature directly links off to Door Dash. The full game includes a 97 page downloadable PDF.

You can find a trailer video for the game on Wendy’s Instagram account below.