Milwaukee Bucks guard Wesley Matthews defended the team's player's decision to boycott Game 5 of their playoff series against the Orlando Magic in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Matthews says they are not "apologetic" despite mixed response from fans.

Wesley Matthews, Bucks, BoycottDylan Buell / Getty Images

"I feel like we did what any team would've done in that situation. And we're not apologetic for what we did, what we feel is right," Matthews said according to ESPN. "Obviously, with communication it could've been a little bit better, but in a moment like that, sometimes there isn't time for it."

The Bucks' boycott inspired a number of other teams, across leagues, to join in protests in response to the shooting by not playing scheduled games. 

"You can't script change. You can't script moments," Matthews added. "And we saw an opportunity to be with our brother, to show that we're human, to show that this is visibly and emotionally and physically impactful even though we are here in the bubble, disconnected from the outside world in certain retrospect, that it still hits and it's still a problem and a call to legislation to help."

The NBA playoffs resume on Saturday, August 29.