Following his reconciliation with Westside Gunn, Mach Hommy delivered his new solo album Pray For Haiti, a project that not only earned critical acclaim for its brilliant lyricism, but for its charitable cause. Evidently, JAY-Z has been keeping a close eye on the Griselda movement, having connected on an individual level with Westside, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher. Clearly, he values what they've been bringing to the table, and he recently sat down with Gunn and Mach Hommy for a bit of dinner discourse.

The duo opened up about their meeting with HOV during an extensive interview on Complex. "Everything that's been going on has been the sound that's been building," explains Gunn. "HOV been keeping his ear to the street. Hop is my manager, Hop is like a brother to HOV. HOV is just tapped into everything going on. He's listening to us in the same way he's listening to Mach. He just got a mutual relationship with both of us, he love what both of us is doing."

"My man [HOV] communicates most heavily through subtlety," explains Mach. "I hate to be like this, but you wasn't there. It's so loud, the silence be deafening. He communicates so many ways. At the end of the day, the main thing I've gotten from him is trust yourself. You can have more fun with your friends than with yourself, depending on what the mood is. I was having fun by myself. If you're having a cookout and cooking food for yourself without considering the other guests, the menu's going to be different...It's moreso the difference between me cooking for myself and entertaining friends and family."

In addition to discussing JAY, Mach also shows love to Drake for supporting Pray For Haiti and pushing hip-hop culture. "He's doing what he's supposed to," says Hommy. "You can never get bigger than the culture." For more from Gunn and Mach Hommy, be sure to check out the full Complex interview right here.