Westside Gunn Big Ups Eminem & Talks Griselda Records In "On The Come Up"

Mitch Findlay
April 18, 2018 10:58

Westside Gunn talks Shady Records, getting Griselda Records popping, and more in "On The Come Up."

We recently had the honor of sitting down with Westside Gunn, the Buffalo rapper slash Griselda Records founder. And don't get it twisted. Paving the road to Griselda was no easy feat. "Nobody wanted to invest in me," admits Westside Gunn. "I was in the streets still, to do what I had to do to fund this shit...It's a lot that happened, to get Griselda to where Griselda is. I did everything on my own, put every dollar into this shit, because I had faith in this." Perseverance and confidence are crucial. After paving the way for himself and his brother Conway, the duo was noticed by Shady Records, who respected their movement and music alike. 

"Working with Shady is dope," says Westside, "Eminem was always Conway's favorite rapper. He can recite all his shit. You know what I'm saying? He literally knows all his projects. You can put him on the spot, he can rhyme a rhyme. He's an Eminem fan...It's really a dream come true for him, because it's like, you fuckin, you know, get drafted to the Bulls after watching Jordan be your favorite player ever."

He continues, elaborating on his own perspective on the relationship. "Marshall always been dope to me..I was always more like the Nas, Ghost, Rae, Prodigy, the street raw shit, but I always respected Marshall for the bars. I always thought lyrically he was one of the best...But it's dope man, they supporting everything we got going on. Big up to the Shady staff."

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