This is the rap game, and confidence is one of the most important qualities an emcee can have. For Westside Gunn, who has generously downplayed his own skillset compared to Conway and Benny The Butcher, the conversation about his artistry is seldom focused on his pen game. Yet those who truly listen to the Griselda spitter are well aware of what he brings to the table, and in many ways, few can match his approach to bringing violent tableaus to life -- and with a gleeful spirit, at that.

Westside Gunn Lyrics

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Today, it would appear that Westside has decided to puff his chest out a little, making it clear that his lyricism is not to be underappreciated by any means. Responding to a fan quoting some choice bars from his verse on Roc Marciano's "Boosie Fade," Gunn came through with a lofty declaration. "If u put my lyrics on paper I’m a Goat," he writes. "It’s just MFs too slow to understand me they want it simple."

While some might raise an eyebrow at the simple evocation of the GOAT acronym, many actually validated Gunn's statement with praise and further endorsement. And perhaps there's merit to the Griselda capo's statement; on paper, many of his bars are as clever, imaginative, and straight-up badass as anybody currently writing gangsta rap music in the rap game. What do you think -- is it time to re-evaluate Westside Gunn's elite lyrical prowess?