Griselda came into the rap game and took over by a storm, quickly becoming fan favorites among listeners and earning a cult following. Westside Gunn, who played an essential role in bringing the Grisela movement into the mainstream, recently spoke out about how he believes his album Pray For Paris was snubbed after he received zero nominations at the 2021 Grammys Awards. Nonetheless, Westside's spirits have not been completely shattered, recently offering fans a super dope tour of his "Allbright" home in Phoenix. 

In the exclusive new footage, Gunn, hailing from Buffalo, NY, walks fans through the halls of his Arizona crib. Right in the beginning of the hallway, upon entry into the bachelor pad, enormous murals of the late Nipsey Hussle, the first lady of Griselda Armani Caesar's The Liz's album cover, and much more. Gun dramatically enters his home and plops down a Louis bag before continuing the tour. 

The crib resides in a beautiful part of the city that can be seen from the view through enormous glass windows that surround the living-room area of the home, attached to a balcony overlooking Phoenix. Gunn's dedication to the finer things in life can be seen throughout the crib, with art pieces sprinkled through the home. Check out the full tour below. 

Gunn revealed last month he is no longer signed to Eminem's Shady Records, explaining he has fulfilled his contractual obligations alreadt. What do you think of Gunn's "Allbright" home? Cute or tacky?