New York emcee Westside Gunn has been teasing the release of his upcoming project, Chris Benoit, which takes inspiration from the controversial and murderous WWE wrestler.

Today, Gunn has dropped the biggest piece of news yet in regards to the new project: the entire tracklist for the album, production credits included. Some artists make their fans jump through hoops just to be able to learn the track list *cough* A$AP Rocky *cough*, but Gunn seems satisfied to drop it all at once, and it's looking jam packed full of good stuff.

The production for all 17 tracks is only being done by a few producers, a real cavalcade of some of New York's finest production talent. Alchemist and Pete Rock are included, as well as Daringer, Harry Fraud, and others.

There will be plenty of features as well, with some high profile names appearing on some of the songs. Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes will be appearing on the project, as well as Anderson .Paak, who's gearing up to release a project of his own in the near future. The project will also naturally feature Gunn's brother, Conway, on one of the songs as well.

Gunn gives a tentative release date of June 22nd, for the release date, adding to the already stacked summer we're about to experience. He also writes a mysterious "1 of 3" in the caption, implying that Chris Benoit may be the first of a series.

Are you excited about Westside Gunn's new album? Check out the full tracklist below.