Griselda surely made their name known in 2019. They released albums and mixtapes at high volumes without compromising their own artistry. I mean, they did have the backing of Shady but 2019 also included members of Griselda signing a management deal with the other GOAT of this rap sh*t, Jay-Z.

To cap off the year, RapRadar released their new interview -- and final one of the decade -- with Griselda where they definitely didn't hold out. On the topic of getting their rightful dues, Westside Gunn made a compelling argument as to why Griselda should be mentioned along the TDE's and Dreamville's of this rap game.

"All of this in one year," Westside Gunn said after listing off a slew of projects he, Benny and Conway dropped this year. "And we not mentioned in this one year and we not mentioned as the top group. Like, you're still going to mention TDE, you're going to mention Dreamville. Dreamville or TDE didn't do it."

Conway did interject briefly, stating, "Them n***as is incredible... I love them n***as."

"They incredible but they didn't do it," Westside Gunn continued. "That's the Buffalo sh*t I was talking 'bout," he added in reference to whether the perception of the group would've been different if they weren't from Upstate New York. "If you're going to say TDE was a powerhouse of '19, but where is ScHoolboy and Kendrick and Ab's and everybody's projects? That consistently had to do it every other month and haven't slacked one bar."

Peep the full interview below.