Fans of the hit HBO series Westworld are guaranteed to be treated to a season filled with head-turning turmoil, and the latest trailer for season three alludes to the drama of the future being a direct reflection of the political drama happening in real-life today.

Starting with the "political unrest" and "wide scale protests" in Hong Kong, another real-life issue that occurred not too long ago, the new Westworld Season 3 trailer goes on to list a bunch of other monumental catastrophes that ultimately lead to the doomed events expected to play out in upcoming episodes. In addition to "impeachment of the 45th president of the United States" — they even got the Dec. 18, 2019 date right — there's the "ecological collapse of Indonesia" in May of this year, the "assassination of the president-elect" in December 2024, a "thermonuclear incident in Paris" on October 9, 2025 and the "start of the 2nd Russian Civil War in Moscow" by the time Feb 2037 comes around. After that, we officially see the system initiation of "'Solomon' Build 0.06" in April 2039 before a "critical event" takes place on February 27, 2058. Man, are we doomed!

Watch the new trailer above for Westworld Season 3, premiering March 15, 2020 on HBO, then check out the extended plot-driven trailer released last summer during San Diego Comic-Con below: