Taylor Heinicke, who once broke Quavo's highschool football record, stepped up big for the Washington Football Team on Saturday. The unproved quarterback started for an injured Alex Smith, and although he couldn't defeat Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs, he did a great job trying. Heinicke really broke necks when he rushed for a TD, diving into the endzone past several defenders. Even after the loss, Heinicke received tons of praise. 

However, the love and praise were soon hit with the timely magnifying glass of the internet. As with most celebrities who receive an ounce of praise, Heinicke's Twitter past was soon exposed. Twitter went into a dive and found that Heinickeis a devout Trump supporter. He has mocked Black Lives Matter online, shared and liked plenty of far-right conspiracies and narratives, and has even gone as far as saying $10 is a liveable wage. Of course, journalists like Jemele Hill were immediately all over it. 

Since Heinicke showed his athletic skill though, do you think the majority of people will even care where his political allegiances are? There are plenty of Trumpers in the NFL, so we don't see the big deal. What do you think?