Lil Uzi Vert is generally a fascinating character, standing out from nearly everybody in hip-hop. Building a career based partly on his infectious personality and mostly from his catchy singles, Uzi dares to be himself among a roster of rappers that are nothing like him. While he is regularly quite interesting to follow on social media, his Instagram has been disturbingly bizarre in the last 24 hours, even by his standards. Initially claiming that he "doesn't really exist," Uzi followed that up by saying he had written his Instagram username and password in a brothel bathroom. Now, an unnamed individual seems to have hacked into his account to capture some bizarre videos.

The last two posts on Uzi's social media profile are videos showing an unidentified man claiming he was recording because his roommate was wilding out, "walking around naked with a sword." The man looks visibly scared and he is clearly in shock over what is happening as he says that "they" are speaking with his roommate. The next video appears to clear up who he is referring to as the police storms into the apartment and help the man get to safety. While incredibly bizarre in nature, even more interesting is the caption on the second video as it is written, "So I finally listened to this kids music not bad @liluzivert He needs more videos for sure." 

While we cannot confirm anything that is happening on Uzi's Instagram page, this could be some sort of promotion for new music as he previously said he was dropping music imminently. Another viable option is that his account was legitimately hacked but a star as big as Uzi would likely have had the profile shut down already if that were the case. What do you make of the videos?