What's Ab-Soul been up to in the past two years? Since releasing his third studio album, These Days.., in June 2014, the TDE rapper has been unusually quiet, only dropping two tracks that he had stashed in the vault ("47 Bars" and "House Of Sin"), appearing on one other TDE release (Jay Rock's "Vice City" posse cut), and remaining very quiet about future projects.

We've also seen him complain about being a "benchwarmer" for TDE on a few occasions, which makes his future look even more uncertain. So just as we did for another mysteriously-absent rapper (Danny Brown) last month, we're giving you an update on all things Ab-Soul, gleaned from his social media presence, guest verses, and other extracurricular activities. 

Read on to see five things Ab-Soul's been doing other than releasing more solo music in the past 24 months.