Unlike the current wave of Soundcloud rappers making headlines with radio-friendly Billboard hits and cringe-worthy social media beefs, Danny Brown doesn't need tacky viral marketing ploys to solidify his spot in the music industry. Long hailed as a hero of the underground hip-hop scene for his effortlessly inventive rhymes, transparent storytelling and unique delivery, it's no secret that the Detroit-bred rapper has the talent and work ethic necessary to churn out a steady stream of content for years to come.

Unfortunately, for the followers that bump to Brown's lyrical flow and raw, emotional cuts, years often pass before he releases his next studio-length collection. After dropping his debut solo album The Hybrid back in 2010, Brown followed up with a disarmingly intimate trilogy cataloging various emotional traumas that he often offsets with drugs and alcohol via XXX (2011), Old (2013), and Atrocity Exhibition (2016). 

After achieving both critical and commercial success during the release of these albums, Brown made it clear that fame and name recognition would do little to change his creative process. Proving time and again that he's consistently willing to take risks in the name of artistic integrity, Brown's dedication to his craft often means that the years in between studio releases are peppered with instances of the "Really Doe" rapper slipping in and out of the limelight. 

“[Since the release of XXX] people recognize what I already knew, so it’s not really like a big deal to me," Brown said to Complex. "If people like, ‘He’s crazy!’ I already knew that my whole life. I already been wanting to do this shit. To me this feels like the tip of the iceberg. This ain’t nowhere close to what I’m gonna do musically. To me it’s just another step to get to the top."

Wondering what Brown has been up to since dropping 70k to clear the samples for Atrocity Exhibition? Check out how the 37-year-old has kept busy below.