As the poster child of the Brooklyn hip-hop collective Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ has more than made a name for himself by merging a compulsion for perfection with his undeniable talent behind the mic. Hailing from the same Bed-Stuy streets that gave birth to industry legends like Biggie and Hov, Bada$$' penchant for choosing to spit over gritty boom-bap beats instead of slick, autotuned hooks led to his debut mixtape 1999 making serious waves far beyond his hometown. 

Delivering mostly self-reflective bars on his debut studio length album B4.DA.$$, Joey Bada$$ finalized his evolution from a up-and-coming teenager spitting rhymes in his bedroom to a certified rising star. An enigmatic blend of brand-new delivery alongside a rock solid homage to hip-hop's early roots, Bada$$ quickly became New York's best competition against a slew of "Beast Coast" hitmakers. 

True to the precociousness that set him apart from his Pro Era collaborators, Bada$$ set his sights on the political injustices plaguing both his community and the nation at large for his sophomore studio effort, All-Amerikkkan Badass. "I think my lyrical prime was probably when I was 17 or 18, but at that time, I didn’t really care if you couldn’t decipher what I was saying; I thought it was cool that it would take you years to figure it out," said Bada$$ of his recent desire to choose mainstream delivery over clever lyricism. "But now I want you to get me. I want you to feel where I’m coming from."

"It’s more about the potency of the line than about it having the most insane wordplay," he continued. "Now I understand who my listeners are, and I want to show them things that I’ve learned. I want to report to them. My last album was influenced by experiences I’ve had, but it’s not just about me. It’s about us. My life is set. Now I want to help other people with their lives, or help them understand what’s right or wrong, or what’s just human."

Wondering what Bada$$ is up to over a year after he dropped his last studio project? Track his movements post All-Amerikkan Badass below.