There was something up when Lil Wayne stood next to Trump with a glowing endorsement for a second term in office. If 2021 has proven anything so far, it's that the past four years of criticism towards the president have been valid. But what were we to think of one of the greatest rappers of all time endorsing DJT? Well, it was mutually beneficial -- kinda. 

The awkward endorsement of Donald Trump prompted many to believe that Weezy F. Baby would result in a pardon after he caught a gun charge. With a 10-year sentence on the line, many have found some sort of lenience in Wayne's actions, despite how detrimental it could've been if it actually worked for Trump's campaign for re-election. According to Bloomberg, the White House staff already have the documents prepared to pardon Lil Wayne after he pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge. The publication reports that Wayne is the only individual they know of that will be granted clemency tomorrow.

It's unclear who else is on the docket for tomorrow's list of pardons Trump has planned but it's rumored that Kodak Black could also be granted clemency. 

Bloomberg also reports that White House officials don't expect Trump, his family, friends, and close aides to be granted any sort of pardons. We'll keep you updated on what goes down tomorrow, though.