A few months back, a snippet of a young white girl using the N-word on stage during a Kendrick Lamar concert began circulating the internet. The girl meant no malice, as she was just repeating a Kendrick lyric. Still, the internet was split on their reactions. While some believed that the girl should have edited herself, others did not see the issue with quoting lyrics. While singing the N-word in the audience is one thing (who's going to stop a packed stadium from singing along?), going on stage and dropping the controversial word is another thing altogether. Several internet warriors that defended the white girl argued that people don't edit their lyrics, and it would be strange if they did. That hollow argument has been put to rest by one socially aware white man at a Lil Duval concert. 

Duval recently embarked on a comedy-fueled music career, and he was performing his single "Smile (Living My Best Life)" on stage with three fans this past weekend. The chorus to the song goes, "I'm living my best life, ain't goin' back and forth with you niggas." Lil Duval holds the mic up for one girl to sing the chorus, which she blares out with confidence. Next, he approaches a dancing white man, who sings along until the N-word pops up. The Caucasian male halted his entire body movement as he edited the word out, proving that every muscle in his body was dedicated to not saying the N-word. After the brief pause, he continues to dance and wins the approval of Lil Duval and the entire audience.