This year's Cannes Film Festival is bringing the world many amazing moments. From 50 Cent hanging out with John Travolta, to Donald Glover killing it on the red carpet for the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie premiere, it looks like the French festival has been an enjoyable experience. A documentary that premiered about the late Whitney Houston created a shift in emotion though, when it was revealed that the singer was molested as a youth. 

In the Kevin Macdonald directed documentary Whitney, an introspective look is taken of the life of the "I Will Always Love You" singer. According to Vulturetowards the end of the film, Whitney's brother Gary reveals that his sister was molested by a family member when their mother was out of town. Cissy Houston would tour often, and leave her kids with family members or friends. Gary told Macdonald that the sexual assaults would happen between the ages of 7 and 9. 

Mary Jones, who worked as Whitney's assistant for several years, also confirmed that the singer was molested. She claims that Whitney confided in her that it was Dee Dee Warwick, her cousin. Dee Dee is the sister of Dionne Warwick. "She used to say, ‘I wonder if I did something to make her think I wanted her,’” Jones explained to Vulture. “It made her question her sexual preference."