TMZ has obtained images of Whitney Houston's personal bible crammed with notes in the margin. The book, withheld by her former landlord, is a prized commodity in her mismanaged estate. It appears Whitney Houston left the bible behind when she departed her Newport Beach luxury rental. The item was recuperated by her former landlord who is seeking $95k for its eventual sale, sensing an opportune moment fresh off the Daytona debacle.

Whitney Houston is believed to have rented the luxury home between 2009-2011. Upon finding the book within a box of vanity items, the landlord quickly contacted Whitney's agent, signed an NDA, and was told he could have the left behind items, no questions asked.

The item is being sold through Moments in Time, an online retail service that specializes in celebrity letters, autographs and miscellaneous objects of obscure value. Within the bible, Whitney had taken note of personal events, including her marriage to Bobby Brown on  July 18, 1992, and the birth of Bobby Kristina on March 4, 1993.

The former landlord is said to have thrown away all the other objects, except the bible. Keep in mind, Moments in Time is not an auction service, and the listed price of $95k is non-negotiable. You can however write to Moments in Time if you want added details on the bible's contents. The evaluation is sneakily ten stones higher than Kanye paid for the image depicting her drug riddled bathroom.