Tonight's Jazz/Lakers game will mark the end of an era as the door closes on one of the most dominant careers in NBA history. In the 20 years Kobe Bryant's been in the league, he's shattered records, led some of the strongest squads of the 21st Century, and won five championships, making it clear that he'll be voted into the Hall Of Fame as soon as humanly possible. Before he takes the court for his 1,565th and final game, we're taking a look back on the influence his career's had on the rap game by weighing it against that of one of his heirs apparent, Golden State's Steph Curry.

Apart from Allen Iverson (whose popularity in hip hop seems to still be growing by the year), Bryant and Curry are two of the most-referenced ballers in the history of the genre, with their names synonymous with skilled excellence and utter dominance. Today we're restructuring our usual "Who Had The Better Verse" format to pit the two NBA stars against each other. Instead of listing songs that feature two rappers going head-to-head on the strength of their verses, each gallery here features one rapper who's name-dropped both players at some point in their career, and you'll have to decided which reference is stronger/more interesting.

Click on to decide who's got the better legacy in rap music, Steph Curry or Kobe Bryant.