Rap is the most competitive genre in music. For decades, artists reveled in competition because they wanted to prove that they were elite. Whenever a rapper elected to feature his or her peer on a track, both sides were trying to out-duel the other, simply for competitive reasons. Artists knew that for years to come, fans would debate about who outperformed who. That’s why when Kendrick Lamar delivered his “Control” verse, fans applauded his voracious stab at the industry. That’s why we love rap. We love to see artists push each other to the brink, because that is when the best music is made.

Wale and J. Cole are considered to be leaders of the new generation. With cogent lyricism and a series of tracks showcasing their rap prowess, they are among the new crop of artists set to inject purity back into the culture. Both artists have collaborated on numerous occasions. In addition, both have relentlessly pushed the other in bringing out his A-game. Despite being good friends, both Wale and J. Cole demand the best out of each other every time out.

The “Bad Girls Club” boys have created great music together, and will continue doing so for years to come. We decided to pull up some of their best collaborative efforts and pick the winner of each one, and also, allow you guys to vote on who outshined who. This wasn’t easy, but we got it done. Let’s work.