As we continue to revel in the the season that is Yeezy, it's hard to not consider Kanye West’s body of work as a whole as nothing short of amazing. With TLOP proving to be a formidable project, Kanye's resume remains basically impeccable. While he continues to adjust his mantel filled with Grammys and plaques, his protégé Big Sean has transformed into a full-fledged superstar. After being rejuvenated by a break-up to Naya Rivera and a pedestrian performance on his sophomore endeavor Hall of Fame, Sean dished out his best work to date in Dark Sky Paradise early last year (currently patiently awaiting the next project). As their chemistry continues to grow stronger and stronger as time passes, we decided to pit the Karate Kid against Mr. Miyagi. We take a look back at the collaborations between Big Sean and Kanye West to see who in fact knocked out the other and took home the win. Check it out.