Who doesn’t love Wiz and Spitta? Now they won’t be the first ones to be lauded for being complex lyricists. But guess what, that’s ok. They may not wow you with lyrically-dense bars, but they are both able to meticulously string together hypnotic records. Individually, they earned their respective fans because of their relentless work ethic and penchant for making smooth tunes. Given their similarities, when they join forces, it's often a stellar performance. They slyly comb through whatever record they’re on and deliver a low-key (or laidback) banger. While everyone revels at the sight of Jay and Ye or Wayne and Drake, Wiz and Spitta swim under the radar, which is exactly where they want to be. After reviewing Fabolous vs. Lloyd Banks last week, this week, we decided to pit Wiz against Curren$y, as we await the anticipated #2009 project. Let’s get to it.