One rapper who's blown up like crazy this year is 21 Savage. He generated a serious buzz off a few murderous club hits in Atlanta and then went on to drop a remarkable joint album, Savage Mode, with his city's best producer in Metro Boomin. Being a new and unavoidable presence on the scene, 21 has already inspired plenty of biters. There's one young rapper from Baton Rouge who's gone far beyond the subtle efforts of the rest, though, as he's given himself the moniker 22 Savage as well as a look and sound that's undeniably similar to 21's. With his first music video, 22 has already become something of a viral sensation. How long can it last, though? In a new interview, 22 confirmed that he's dead serious about pursuing a rap career as 22 Savage, and he even went as far as to say that he's "way better" than 21. 

It turns out that the 19-year-old 22 Savage has quite a history, in the rap game, on social media, and with the law (which may have the final word when it comes to his potential success as 22 Savage). Here's a statement from a PR company that has recently begun to work with 22: 

"Our publicity company loves the bold, brave, scandalous, outspoken, dangerous, cutting-edge and controversial artists... 22 Savage came up with an amazing idea and it’s great to be able to help light up the Internet with it. This kid is a star, point blank." 

Like the man who inspired him, 22 hopes that Savage Mode will be his breakout project. Scroll through the galleries to discover everything you need to know about the Internet phenomenon that is 22 Savage.