Bella B Harris is an 18-year-old model who is yet another beautiful woman who posted a photo with Drake, leading people to think the music maker has his love locked down. As we posted earlier, Bella shared a cute pic with Drizzy with a caption that reads, "no place I’d rather be 💙."

Already, Bella has racked up over 53,000 comments but it should be nothing new for her since she boasts over 47K followers. Bella is a model for The Industry Model MGMT and has posed for Calvin Klein, Guess, Vogue, Fenty and much more.

Being as Bella is the talk of the town right now since everyone wants to see Drake in a relationship (right?) we've rounded up the top five things to know about her. 

Her Father Is Jimmy Jam

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are superstar R&B producers and songwriters who have enjoyed great success from the 1980s. They've won many Grammy awards and received nominations and are known for their work with Janet Jackson. Jimmy has recently been linked with Kehalni and H.E.R. so it's safe to say he's been chatting with Drake too. 

Janet Jackson is her Godmother

Considering her father has years of history with Janet, Bella landed the superstar as her Godmother. 

She has two brothers

Bella has a twin brother, Max, and an older brother Tyler. Her twin seems to be pursuing music while Tyler may also be doing the modelling thing too. 

She Loves Rihanna

Aside from her and Drake having something in common, a couple years ago Bella was asked who her female hero was and she named Riri as her number one choice. "My female hero would have to be Rihanna. I was speechless when I met her and she was so nice and friendly to me," Bella said. "She has accomplished and achieved so much in her career. I mean she can honestly do no wrong and I wish I could pull off all of the outfits she wears. I love her Fenty-Puma clothing line and I was thrilled when I was booked to model in her Fenty-Puma presentation for her new Spring line."

Don't expect her to clap back

In the same interview, Bella was asked how she handles the loyal Internet trolls since growing into a star herself. "My favourite comeback to haters is ignoring them," she said. "If you don’t care then they can’t win.  Once you comment back, they know that they made you mad so they will keep taunting you. If you don’t acknowledge the hate then it ends there. If the situation is something more serious or gets out of hand then I would block."

Get it girl.