Donald Trump's Impeachment hearing remains a touchy subject, one that has divided fractured political parties even further. Between that and the impending Holiday Season being nearly upon us, the likelihood of stumbling into a debate has reached an all-time high. It's already gotten heated on The View, a series that has occasionally found co-hosts turning on one another -- much to the delight of loyal viewers nationwide. Today, that's exactly what happened when the topic of Impeachment was raised, and the panel's lone Conservative found herself on the receiving end of some Whoopi scorn.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Prefacing her status as an ABC political analyst, McCain claimed her prerogative was the analyze the "politics of it." "My job here is not to litigate the ethics of it," explains McCain, gearing up to offer her take on the divisive process. Before she can take off, the panel proceeds to drown her out, prompting McCain to lament the lack of respect for a conservative viewpoint. The comment prompts Whoopi Goldberg to intervene, sliding through with a proverbial hammer.

"Girl, please stop talking," says Whoopi, leaving McCain stunned. "Please stop talking right now." McCain, clearly caught off guard, decides she's going to sit the remainder of the show out. "I'm okay with that," retorts Whoopi, clearly having none of McCain's viewpoint. Further footage reveals that the argument failed to go much further, instead cutting back to commercial. Naturally, the internet seemed divided on Whoopi's tactics, with left-leaning types siding with her and right-leaning types standing with McCain.