The 91st Academy Awards are seriously considering not having a host for the award show after their best bet, Kevin Hart, stepped down since his past homophobic and transphobic tweets were revealed. The Academy is seemingly having a hard time trying to find another person to fill in, which has sparked The View host Whoopi Goldberg to offer up her time to do the job. 

“Here’s the deal, if you wanna go hostless, that’s your prerogative,” Whoopi said on Tuesday’s episode of the show. “I think it’s a dumb idea because people need you to take them through things and take care of things when they happen.” Joy Behar argued how not having a host may cut down on the length of the program, but Whoopi disagreed. "I don’t ever think there’s anything you can do to not make the show long, the show is what it is,” she added.

Later in the episode, as seen in the clip below, Whoopi so generously offers to fill the role to take some stress off the Academy. “I realize I may not be anybody’s first choice," she said. "Half of the country is sometimes really mad at me, the other half is okay, until tomorrow and they’re pissed.”