There's a persuasive argument to be made for rappers deleting their social as a marketing ploy. Like the user who re-uploads his or her profile picture, the intention is to generate attention. This morning, NY rapper Desiigner swiped his Instagram account clean and removed his profile picture without warning. He had previously tweeted his plans to drop two albums in 2018, one after the other. If his actions today have any stock or come into effect immediately it will come as a surprise. The Life Of Desiigner project, which is expected in July, has been in perpetual limbo since May of 2016. There's no word on why the G.O.O.D. Music queue has been backed up. Suffice to say, he isn't only the victim of delays on Kanye's label.

The tactic of drawing attention through Social Media has been utilized more than once in recent times. J. Cole changed his Twitter profile pic, background, and Instagram avatar to a vague purple tile. Future deleted his entire Instagram page, fueling speculation an album announcement was imminent. Even Lil Uzi Vert's alleged Instagram hack feels contrived. If Desiigner is hoping the histrionics will kick his fan base into high gear, he might be right, so help me God.