Wide Neck went viral thanks to his collection of mugshots. His abnormally large neck made him an instant sensation for meme-makers and social media trolls. He is now extending his fifteen minutes of fame by dipping his toes into music production. Wide Neck teamed up with his fellow walking-meme Daddy Long Neck to lay rhymes down. Their appropriately named track, "Up Neckst," has been streaming through its Youtube video over 2 million times so far. 

The video shows both social media star roaming through various locations, like the mall, while delivering their lines. Daddy Long neck spits his from a staircase: "Got a long neck and a long check/I don't live right/but I gotta flex." Wide Neck comes through with his contribution to the hook, rhyming, "H** on my d*** now they at my neck/went from a cell now I'm on the jet."

Other lyrics include: "Shawty lick me up call me up neeeckst Shawty wanna f**k call me up neeeckst / Shawty suck me up call me up neeeckst / Shawty make it clap call me up neckst."

"Up Neckst" is humorous and Wide Neck low key has some vocal tone swagger going, but the attention placed on these types of "artist" should be mindful. The video is available below but you ain't gotta click it.