Disney+ continues to add to its packed slate of movies and tv shows. The Walt Disney Company’s 2020 Investor Day showcased a ton of new content, and even National Geographic got some love. Although many of Disney+ subscribers are there for Star Wars and Marvel, NatGeo is still an important faction of the streaming service. Now, Will Smith and Chris Hemsworth will try to bring some attention over to the educational media outlet. 

Disney announced the Will Smith series from Darren Aronofky and Nutopia, who created One Strange Rock. The series will be called Welcome To Earth, a clever play on a phrase from Smith's Independence Day film. Smith will explore active volcanoes and ocean depths in the show. The mission will be to discover places on Earth that are unique and capture the essence of adventure. Chris Hemsworth's series will be called Limitless. The show will follow Hemsworth through a series of challenges that can help humans live longer lives. Each episode will show a different way we can live longer, from damage regeneration to shocking the body and supercharging the memory. Neither series received release dates, although fans believe that they will both show up next year as Disney tries to recoup loses from the pandemic.