Jaden Smith's done more in his 21 years of life on this planet than most might do in his lifetime. Mind you, a lot of that has to do with the fact that Jaden's also the son of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith. For his 21st birthday, Jaden Smith had a little family gathering that included his very close friends and family. And of course, this made for perfect content for Will Smith's YouTube vlog series. Will Smith is undoubtedly an embarrassing dad by all means but it's also quite heartwarming watching him interact with his kids. For Jaden's 21st, he and Jada decided to reveal how Jaden was conceived.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith had their first legal drink together on Jaden's 21st birthday. Will Smith managed to bring it all back with his choice of liquor: tequila. "Tequila! That's how you got here! Tequila!" Jada joked before Will Smith chimed in.

"Jaden, that's how you got here," he said before delving into his "really important story." "It's like having Christmas and not telling the story of the nativity. That's what I'm gonna do next year. I'm gonna make the little house with the scene of how Jaden was conceived," he added to a crowd of laughter. "It'll be a villa, it's like in Mexico. There's Jose Cuervo tequila all over the place."

Although he joked a bit, Will did share some sound advice with Jaden. "I’ll tell you something my father told me on my 21st birthday," he said. "Never break two laws at one time. 'Cause you increase your chances exponentially of getting caught for both. That's deep wisdom," he continued before getting serious. "But yeah man, I'm really proud of you. Just the way that you've grown in the last few years is what parents hope for."

Peep the clip below.