As the Smiths ebb away from one controversy they apparently have unexpectedly crawled into another. Reports recently suffered that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's production company Westbrook has been the hub of a minor COVID-19 outbreak. At the time of this publication, 10 Westbrook employees have tested positive and Variety reports that Westbrook confirmed the news but refrained from sharing much information.

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Westbrook, COVID-19, Coronavirus
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty Images

“We received 10 positive tests and the crew members quarantined and remain in quarantine,” the company told Variety. “All 10 people were retested and have received negative results. We will continue to follow all official guidelines and safety protocols.” Westbrook is the first and only production company to report such an outbreak and it now causes concern for the entertainment industry and professionals who are soon to be returning to work after months on lockdown.

To respond to its 10 workers who were diagnosed with COVID-19, Westbrook is said to have "halted" production for one project, however, they continued to press forward with others. Variety reports that Westbrook didn't specify what show or project had to be placed on pause. Additionally, Westbrook is cooperating with an investigation launched by the Department of Public Health investigation.