Hopefully you did not have to encounter a fake article this weekend on your Facebook feed that claimed Will Smith and Jaden Smith died in a car crash. While a quick scan of the article would have convinced you that this was merely hoax, this headline would be jarring nonetheless. 

The article alleged that Will Smith and his youngest son perished by colliding with a truck. The header for the article had a CNN logo in the bottom corner of a photo of Will and Jaden with "R.I.P." callously written across. A look at the link would have confirmed that clicking on the link would not redirect you to CNN's website though. The fraudsters were so committed to their cause that they even made a fake CNN video report, which supposedly transitioned into adult content once the "shocking deaths" of the famous father and son were covered. 

The intention of the hoax seemed to be to bait viewers into reading the article, which would feature links that redirect them to malicious web pages. Given this, it's recommended that you fight off any curiosity you may have to visit this webpage to see how the hoax was packaged. We could be satisfied with the knowledge that Will and Jaden Smith are perfectly fine and learn from this situation that we need to be vigilant about the things we encounter online. Read carefully, and don't impulsively react and share posts!