For months we've been treated to behind the scenes clips and photos, as well as trailers and teasers for the full arrival of Bad Boys For Life, the latest offering in the Bad Boys franchise of films that stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. The last trailer that was released saw Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett enter a "suicide mission" and during a recent visit to The Ellen Show, the stars explained how they were a little nervous about their chemistry and if they'd still vibe on set after all these years. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"It was perfect," Martin confirmed to Ellen. "Just the respect we have for each other and the love we have for each other and we both wanna win and I don't think nobody wants to win bigger than this guy here." 

Will echoed the same sentiments, adding: "We hadn't really done anything in [years] so there was a little concern, you know, how will it be with the chemistry?" he said. "But literally the first moment on stage, like, that first moment connecting, it was right back." Will couldn't share too many details of the film in fear of giving away "spoilers" but he did break down the overall premise.

"Essentially, Martin's character wants to retire and something happens in the movie and my character really does not want to retire," he said. "And there's a mission that we must go on and he's refusing."

Watch the full clip below.